Dear Irvine Neighbor,

I recently sent you an online survey about economic issues in our city. I want to provide you with the survey results, and offer a couple of observations.

First, I was pleased that almost one thousand residents took time to respond the to the survey. The response tells me that Irvine Cares about our economic future.

Second, almost 150 people took extra time to add thoughtful comments to their response.

It is clear from the results that Irvine residents want the city council to continue to adopt policies that attract businesses to the city. Retaining great companies like Broadcom at the Great Park was mentioned many times in the survey comments. Also, residents want Allergan to survive the hostile takeover now underway.

Poll Results

Below are the priorities of our community as communicated in our poll results. The numbers represent the percentage of respondents who selected that issue as a high priority among the five choice issues in our poll.

73Offer incentives in the form of tax credits and fee waivers for businesses to locate in Irvine.
73Create incentives for residents and businesses to use local contractors to make homes and businesses energy efficient.
73Accelerate the development of Heritage Fields and the Great Park, creating thousands of high-paying jobs and expanding our recreational opportunities.
73Allergan is one of Irvine’s oldest businesses, founded 50 years ago. Our leaders should work to stop the hostile takeover of Allergan and save the 2,000 high-paying jobs that will be lost forever if the takeover is successful.
73Pursue a professional sports team at the Great Park to complement a state-of-the-art entertainment zone.

As a former councilmember, mayor, State Assemblyman, State Senator, and Minority Leader of the State Senate, I have been reviewing surveys for 30 years.

These results and comments tell me that Irvine residents;

  1. Want the city to incentivize businesses to locale in Irvine,
  2. Want to accelerate the development of Heritage Fields, The Great Park, and its recreational uses,
  3. Help save Allergan (if we can) and provide residents with energy efficiency incentives.

By an overwhelming margin residents do not want the city pursuing a professional sports team.

Finally, it appears that residents are pleased with their quality of life in the city. They are also encouraged that the city council is moving forward on the development of Heritage Fields and the Great Park. After a decade of acrimony this progress is overwhelmingly accepted.


ackerman_95x95Dick Ackerman
Chairman, Irvine Cares
State Senator & Minority Leader (ret.)

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