Great Park Audit Poll Results

Irvine voters were asked for their opinion about the results of the Great Park Audit and if the city should pursue money from those consultants that abused the taxpayers. Almost 400 residents responded, showing once again that Irvine residents care deeply about city issues and our fine community.

Many respondents took the time to prepare thoughtful comments that I wanted to share with you. The vast majority of comments reflected anger and disappointment in the leadership of Larry Agran and Beth Krom, in some cases respondents demanded their prosecution. Below is a sample of some of the verbatim responses.*

Poll Questions

QUESTION 1 – Should the city council seek recovery of the excessive funds overpaid for the Great Park planning?

  • YES – 80% said the city council should try to recover the excess taxpayer money from consultants.
  • NO – 20% said the former city council made a bad deal and the consultants are entitled to keep the money.

QUESTION 2 – Did the former city council spend $250 million wisely on the Great Park?

  • YES – 12% said we got our money’s worth.
  • NO – 88% said taxpayers got ripped off.

Sample of Community Feedback

“Agran and Krom should be sued and prosecuted for fraud.”

“Beth Krom is responsible and should be removed from office. I would sign the recall papers.”

“If the audit revealed that significant money was misappropriated by politicians, we must bring the full weight of the law on them as well.”

“I worked for the city. The excessive spending was approved by Agran and Krom. No one questioned contracts, not even city manager Joyce, or finance. As a resident of Turtle Rock, the funding for the OCGP and continued disorganization and direct management is horrible.”

“Agran should go to jail.”

“Spending more money to try to recover the loss is not guaranteed. It’s a vicious cycle. Krom and Larry Agran need to be charged with fraud.”

“I want Larry Agran prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent the law allows. I sick and tired of self-serving politicians.”

“Agran should be prosecuted, and if convicted, serve a jail sentence.”

“Agran should be investigated and if he is found guilty of wrong doing, he should be prosecuted.”

“Thus far the Great Park has been a significant disappointment and I fully expect an accurate audit of the funds spent MUST have been misappropriated based on what minimal development has been accomplished. I have been hearing the Great Park hype for 10 years now with near to nothing developed or delivered and I was shocked to hear that they actually spent over $250M of our tax payer money for what has not been accomplished. The Great Park committee is severely incompetent and incapable of managing this project appropriately.”

“What a shame that there wasn’t clear independent over site with this project. Over and over it’s the taxpayers who always foot the bill. Where is the conscience of our leaders?”

“It was a terrible rip-off of Orange County. How stupid can a public representative be? Go and sue him.”

“We need to investigate Larry Agran and his appointed Great Park Commissioners for misappropriation of public funds and banned them from serving or running for the City of Irvine city Council offices or at the Great Park Board.”

“Legal charges should also be brought against Larry Agran.”

“We the taxpayers expect accountability and justice. Thank you for contributing your time and efforts to help effect the correct actions with our City Council. Keep up the good work. Again, thank you.”

“Agran and his minions should be prosecuted for embezzlement.”

“We should also sue Larry Agran.”

“Larry Agran did indeed screw all of us tax payers in return for future favors of which we are not privy. That’s his business of which if we were to know the details lies along the borders of legality. Certainly not ethical. Having him disbarred and at minimum humiliated would be a good 1st step at repayment.”

“Too many crooks spoil the broth. Maybe Larry can get a ride back to West L.A., with Jane and Tom. They brought him here nearly 40 years ago. I know! I was already here, and having been transferred here from Chicago, Larry’s act was already an old one for me!!”

“Agran is a crook. Everyone has known that for a long time.”

“An appalling waste of taxpayer money and a worthless result!”

“Whilst the consultants received payments under contract with the City, it is clear that they never rendered performance sufficient to justify those payments. Discovery could also reveal some improper undisclosed connection between consultants and council members, or benefits received by council members in exchange for contracts.”

“If the problem was the mayor and some of the Council members then they should be impeached.”

“The Great Park was a complete failure as a project and taxpayers need to have something good come from this money pit.”

“Not only does the City of Irvine need to sue for damages. There needs to be a criminal investigation and jail time. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not unusual with several of the consultants named in the audit.”

* These comments were received verbatim by members of the public and are being provided herein for news worthy purpose. Irvine Cares has made no independent investigation of any of these comments and makes no representations regarding the veracity of these statements.

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