Irvine Cares Releases Cultural Terrace Poll Results

Contact: Senator Dick Ackerman (ret.)
Monday, February 27, 2017
Phone: 949-207-3339 Ext. 1

IRVINE, CA – During the past two weeks Irvine Cares, an educational non-profit has been conducting an on-line poll of Irvine voters to aid the city council with their community outreach effort for the Cultural Terrace area of the Great Park.

The Cultural Terrace is a 250-acre city owned parcel located near the Irvine train station. It is the last parcel of the closed Marine base that requires planning.

The community clearly wants a concert amphitheater with a lake complex (74%) to replace the closed Irvine Meadows facility and an Olympic swimming facility to host USA Water Polo (56%). There is some interest in a BMX/skate board park (31%), water park (26%) and botanical gardens (23%).

Respondents suggested that developers should pay for the amenities (51%). There was some support for a financing mechanism combining bonds, developers, property taxes increases, and a sales tax increase (39%).

At his recent State of the City Address Mayor Don Wagner committed to bringing the 14-year planning process to a conclusion this year with construction of amenities beginning as soon as possible. Since the County conveyed land use control of base to Irvine in 2003, prior city councils spent over $250 million on planning with little to show for the expenditure, including nearly $7 million on public outreach.

Irvine Cares chairman, retired State Senator Dick Ackerman said, “We hope the poll results assist the city council to quickly develop the plans and finally deliver the Cultural Terrace to Orange County’s residents. I believe this is an action-oriented city council that wants to deliver on the promise.”

Over 1,100 replied to our on-line poll that offered respondents multiple options for potential Cultural Terrace amenities including;

  • Concert venue to replace the closed Irvine Meadows Amphitheater
  • Lake and family picnic area near the concert venue
  • Children’s Museum
  • World class Olympic swimming facility to host USA Water Polo
  • Botanical gardens
  • Skateboard and BMX facility
  • Library
  • Golf course
  • Water Park
  • Other (unaided with option to name self-identified use)

After reviewing the results Mayor Wagner said, “I appreciate the good work of Irvine Cares and Sen. Ackerman to provide this valuable community input. The council and I take it to heart. We expect to consider an interim temporary concert amphitheater near the Irvine train station at our March 14th meeting and continue to meet with multiple representatives from different Olympic sports to bring them to Irvine.”


GRAPH: Cultural Terrace Community Survey Results

Respondents could choose multiple uses and offer amenities that were not listed.


GRAPH: Financing Cultural Terrace Amenities Results

Further respondents were encouraged to suggest a method of financing the projects.

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