Irvine Makes ‘Best Places to Live’ List

By Sarah de Crescenzo

A list released this week by ranks Irvine as the 50th best small- to midsized city to live in the nation.

It is the third year running the website has published a list titled the “Top 100 Best Places to Live.”

Cities in more than 30 states made the list this year. Nearly a quarter were cities in California.

“Each of these cities is a great place to live,” said Matt Carmichael, the site’s editor. “Not every city is perfect for everyone, of course, but these are the top 5 percent, and somewhere in the top 100, you’ll find a great fit to call your best place.”

Of Irvine, the site said: “More than 21,000 companies enjoy success in Irvine, and the city’s business-friendly atmosphere and picturesque setting attracts Hollywood filmmakers for major motion pictures.”

The abundance of educational opportunities was also a factor in Irvine’s inclusion.

“Public schools receive about $9 million in direct and indirect support each year, and college students can choose between 10 higher education campuses,” the site’s blurb about the city stated.

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