OC WEEKLY: PR Firm’s Secrecy Demand for Great Park Spending Will Go to Court

By R. Scott Moxley

Orange County Great Park contractors who suspiciously received more than $7.23 million in taxpayer funds to perform public relations for a non-existent city park and are arguing their records should be shielded from inspection by residents, learned bad news this afternoon.
The Irvine City Council voted to use the legal system to compel Forde & Mollrich–a well-connected, Newport Beach-based PR firm–to comply with terms of their government contract that requires cooperation with audits.

A prior city council majority–Democrats Larry Agran, Beth Krom and Sukhee Kang–outrageously handed Forde & Mollrich a no-bid, no benchmark PR contract that put more than $100,000 a month into the bank account of political operatives Arnold Forde and Stu Mollrich while claiming the city had no money to build the park.

Forde & Mollrich officials insist that records of whatever they did or didn’t do on the controversial government project–at one point California largest public works project–should be private.

Proving again that some folks with higher education degrees are morons, Harvey H. Liss–a Ph.D and an Agran city appointee, claimed at the meeting that taxpayers should feel lucky they only paid Forde & Mollrich $100,000 a month.

Councilwoman Christina Shea said she was disappointed that Liss would support government contractors hiding documents from the public.

Agran’s most loyal, robotic shill, Krom–as is her way–argued that park spending secrecy was necessary.

The session seemed to unnerve Agran, the city’s most dictatorial, professional politician for decades.

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