Great Park Audit Poll Results

Dear Irvine Neighbor,

Last week I asked Irvine voters for their opinion about the results of the Great Park Audit and if the city should pursue money from those consultants that abused the taxpayers. Almost 400 residents responded, showing once again that Irvine residents care deeply about city issues and our fine community.

QUESTION 1: Should the city council seek recovery of the excessive funds overpaid for the Great Park planning?

  • YES – 80% said the city council should try to recover the excess taxpayer money from consultants.
  • NO – 20% said the former city council made a bad deal and the consultants are entitled to keep the money.

QUESTION 2 – Did the former city council spend $250 million wisely on the Great Park?

  • YES – 12% said we got our money’s worth.
  • NO – 88% said taxpayers got ripped off.

Many respondents took the time to prepare thoughtful comments that I wanted to share with you. The vast majority of comments reflected anger and disappointment in the leadership of Larry Agran and Beth Krom, in some cases respondents demanded their prosecution. Below is a sample of some of the verbatim responses.*

  • “Agran and Krom should be sued and prosecuted for fraud.”
  • “Beth Krom is responsible and should be removed from office. I would sign the recall papers.”
  • “If the audit revealed that significant money was misappropriated by politicians, we must bring the full weight of the law on them as well.”
  • “I worked for the city. The excessive spending was approved by Agran and Krom. No one questioned contracts, not even city manager Joyce, or finance. As a resident of Turtle Rock, the funding for the OCGP and continued disorganization and direct management is horrible.”
  • “Agran should go to jail.”


Our poll results confirm that Irvine voters are in a sour mood over the Great Park – they’re mad that the behavior of past leaders, and they want their money back. Based upon these results its clear the community wants the council to continue to investigate and recover any tax dollars that were misspent on the Great Park.


Dick Ackerman
Chairman, Irvine Cares
State Senator & Minority Leader (ret.)

P.S. You can read the Great Park Audit here and the companion legal analysis here.

* These comments were received verbatim by members of the public and are being provided herein for news worthy purpose. Irvine Cares has made no independent investigation of any of these comments and makes no representations regarding the veracity of these statements.